Tuxedo Style

        There is always something special about a man wearing a tuxedo. A man in a tuxedo is an eye-catching sight. If you are going to a formal event, such as, a formal dinner party, wedding, attending the opera, ballet or any other event requiring black tie or white tie you will need a tuxedo or tailcoat.

There are basically three different tuxedo styles. The lapel of the jacket determines the styles. The peak, notch and shawl are the main styles for a tuxedo. The most popular style in the United States is the notch lapel. The most classic styles are the peak and shawl.

        Another factor to consider is the number of buttons that are on the single-breasted jacket. One and two button jackets are the most popular. There are three button tuxedos as well. The width of the lapel is also a consideration in your selection. The current trend calls for narrow lapel. A classic tuxedo may have a wider lapel. We also carry double breast tuxedos, although, they are not as popular as they used to be.

       Suspenders support tuxedo pants. Suspenders are not only for a particular look, but are necessary for the trousers to fit best on your body.

Black tie means the use of a tuxedo, not the color of the tie. Most tuxedos are usually worn with a black bow tie or a long tie. Any color tie is acceptable to comply with the protocol.

The choice of shirt varies in several different ways. The first thing to consider is the type of collar. There are two basic collar types. The most classic is the wing collar. This type of shirt is usually worn with a bowtie. The tips of the collar are turned up. The other choice is the laydown collar. With this style of collar a long tie or bowtie maybe worn. A final word on shirt would be whether the shirt has pleats or has a flat front.

      White tie is a very specific formal wear protocol. White tie is also called full dress. This suit requires a black tailcoat, white pique shirt, white pique bowtie and white pique vest. The accessories include silver studs and cufflinks with a mother of pearl stone and white suspenders. Patent leather shoe are also required.