What does Black Tie mean?

Black tie is the most common type of formal attire. Black tie affairs require a tuxedo, accessories can be of any color. Women attending a black tie event should dress in evening attire.

Do I have to clean the tuxedo before I return it?

No, you do not have to clean the tuxedo. We take care of cleaning.

How long is the rental period?

Rentals are one business day or Friday to Monday. We allow Thursday to Monday for weddings.

What alterations do you make on rentals?

We will alter the trouser and jacket sleeve lengths. Since the merchandise is designed for rental, major alterations are generally unnecessary. We also carry a large selection of sizes including 39, 41, 43, portly, and athletic.

What does White Tie mean?

White tie is the most formal style of dress. When an invitation calls for white tie you are to wear a full dress outfit, including a tail coat and trousers, white pique wing tip shirt, vest and bow tie. Women attending a white tie event should dr

What does Daytime Formalwear mean?

Daytime formal, sometimes called morning attire, is worn for formal affairs occurring before 6 PM. There are two jackets accepted as daytime attire: the longer, more formal Cutaway, and the suit length Stroller. Both coats are generally worn with gray str

When can I wear a white dinner jacket?

White dinner jackets can be worn when an invitation requests black tie attire. In the northeast the jackets are worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day. They are also worn on cruises or in warmer climates year round.

Does the groom’s tuxedo need to be different than his groomsmen?

No, this is a decision for the bride and groom. There are many ways to distinguish the groom from the groomsman, including suit style and accessories. Some wedding parties prefer to dress alike.

How far in advance should I make arrangements for my groomsmen?

You should make arrangements at least 8 to 16 weeks in advance.

What if the measurements provided are not correct?

We encourage measurements to be taken at a local formal wear store, and that customers also provide their height and weight. If the tuxedo needs alterations, we have tailors on the premises at all times. We also carry a large inventory, so that w

Can we try on merchandise for style and fitting?

We encourage you to try on merchandise from our extensive inventory, including vests, shirts, shoes, and especially coats and pants.

Can I get a tuxedo delivered? Do you pick up?

We deliver and pick up to hotels, offices and doorman apartment buildings in Manhattan for a fee depending on the exact location.

Do you ship anywhere in the world?

Yes, we ship by Federal Express or UPS, including overnight delivery. We will bill you for the shipment.

What happens if the garment is damaged or lost?

You are responsible to get the garment back to us in good condition. If the garment is lost we will bill you for the replacement cost and if it is damaged we will charge for the repair costs. If a damaged garment cannot be repaired, you will be b

Do you carry boy’s tuxedos?

We have a line of single-breasted one-button tuxedos for boy sizes 3 to 20 including huskies. We can also get any style that matches men’s tuxedos with two weeks notice.

What sizes do you carry in stock?

We have tuxedos as small as boy’s size 3 and go up to men’s 52 short, 64 regular and long, and 56XL.

Do you rent accessories only?

We will rent shoes, shirts and accessories separately. We will rent shoes, shirts and accessories separately.

What is your cancellation policy?

There is a cancellation fee of $50.00 if you cancel a rental 48 hours before scheduled day of pick up. Special orders must be cancelled a week in advance of the scheduled pick up date.

Do you offer corporate discounts?

We will offer a corporate discount to any company that will list us in their company Newsletter.

I am coming in from out of town. How may I arrange a rental tuxedo in New York?

You can submit our online measurement form, fax, email, or call us with your measurements and style needs and we will have a tuxedo ready for you when you arrive in New York. You can check out the styles and get a copy of our measurement form on our Web s

Do I need an appointment?

We do not take appointments. Our business hours are 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday. 10am to 5pm on Saturday and we are closed Sundays, and major holidays.

Who usually selects the tuxedos for a wedding party?

The bride and groom usually come in advance to choose the style and accessories. Once the decision has been made the groomsmen can come in for fittings

Do all tuxedo trousers have satin stripes down the side?

The satin stripe down the side of the trouser is what makes the trouser formal. If it does not have a satin stripe if would be considered a black dress trouser.

Should I rent or buy my tuxedo?

If you wear a tuxedo more than two or three times a year you should buy. If you wear formalwear infrequently or you want a specialty outfit you should rent for that evening.

Are formal wear rules different in the summer?

The same tuxedos are used in every season, although in the summer you can wear a white dinner jacket.

How do the ushers get fitted?

After you have made the decision on what the groomsmen are to wear, ushers can come in to the store to be measured, or they can send us their measurements by fax, email or phone.

What do I wear for a cruise?

Usually you will need a tuxedo or white dinner jacket for at least one night. Some gentlemen prefer a variety of accessories to create a different look for additional evenings

Do you wear suspenders with a cummerbund or vest?

Yes, you can wear suspenders with both. Tuxedos have no belts. The suspenders hold up the trousers while the cummerbund or vest is a finishing accessory.

What is included in a rental package?

You get a jacket, trouser, shirt, appropriate black tie, black cummerbund or backless vest. Patent like shoes and full-back vests are an additional charge.

How long do alterations on a retail tuxedo purchase take?

We can often get alterations on a retail suit done within two days.

When do I pay for a rental?

Payment is due at time of the booking. 

Who traditionally pays for the groomsmen and ushers?

This depends on the wedding party. In most cases the ushers pay for their rentals. On occasion the groom will pay.

How can I pay?

We accept all major credit cards. We will also accept cash, however you need to have some form of security if using cash (valid credit card or a cash deposit of $300 refundable on return of the tuxedo).

Do you sell used or second-hand tuxedos?

Yes. Prices vary according to style, size, and condition. We have a large selection on the premises. Basic alterations are included.